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The Bathtub Burbler

A man who had been doing chores around the house all day was feeling stiff and sore.  His wife, who was very pleased at her husband's initiative, decided to reward him by drawing him a hot bath, serving him a nice Rye whiskey, and joining him later for some extra fun.

The husband was quite happy to be pampered in this manner, so he lay in the tub, and called out for his wife to bring him his drink.

She said: If there's anything else I can do for you dear, just call for it, and I'll be happy to bring it up to you.

As soon as he heard her reach the bottom of the stairs, he let out a long, burbly bathtub fart, which produced enough stink filled bubbles to fog up the entire bathroom.

Moments later, his wife enters the room with a hot water bottle.

The confused husband looks up and says: What on earth gave you the idea that I needed a hot water bottle?

She answers: Didn't you just say, "Whataboutahottawaterbottle?" 


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